GRSA and the option for Mercadoe

The procurement area is a strategic part of any company’s business. Many of them are adopting technologies, for some time now, to support and streamline the routine of procurement professionals.

With this in mind, GRSA – Compass Group opted for Mercadoe to automate the supply area management, which currently transactions more than 120,000 orders/month. With this partnership, the GRSA group has deployed solutions that automate the procurement operation, and provide the professionals of that area with more time to strategic tasks, thus generating savings and result optimization.

According to Renato Carreira, Supply Chain Director at GRSA – Compass, “We have 6,500 active suppliers in our customer base, from small producers to large industries, all with different needs. We noticed that many buyers spent hours on operational processes, and the available tools were often inefficient for the expected results. The solution was to centralize processes in a single platform, to provide a broader view and reduce operation time, in order to serve these buyers in the best possible way”.

According to Mr. Carreira, the company analyzed the options of tools offered by the market, with the support of a consultancy that specializes in suppliers for the B2B procurement area. Mercadoe stood out during this process, due to solutions that best suited GRSA needs.

More than R$ 1 million saved in negotiations, with reverse auctions


“We did an analysis in that department, and noticed that many tools were little used, due to lack of knowledge or even their complexity. We started working with Mercadoe on April 2017, and we have now solutions that provide more visibility and control of suppliers, on a user-friendly platform. With processes such as reverse auction, we have already been able to save more than R$ 1 million on expenses with certain products – such as mineral water, PPE and uniforms”, he added.

According to Luiz Gastão, commercial vice-president at Mercadoe, having the GRSA – Compass Group as a partner is an opportunity that stresses the importance of using solutions as a support, to have distinguishing points and competitiveness in B2B companies. “Businesses need more and more support for the use of technology in some sectors, such as the procurement area. After a process that involved 4 negotiation months, we won the trust of GRSA, and today we support all company’s operations, including internal procurement. With a robust portfolio of solutions, in addition to offering procurement optimization, we have rendered the procurement area more strategic – thus allowing better service for their entire base, at a reduced cost”, he concluded.

Solutions adopted by GRSA

GRSA adota soluções do Mercado Eletrônico

The project, which was divided into a few steps, began with the order management solution. Today, the GRSA – Compass Group has almost all tools offered by ME operating on procurement of all sectors.

The company relies on Mercadoe solutions in several stages, from e-procurement processes (focused on the operational flow of procurement) to e-sourcing (for decision-making), and even marketplace (an environment of relationship and negotiation with several suppliers), so they complete each other in the optimization of the procurement process as a whole.

Want to know how to implement Mercadoe solutions in your company? Contact us through the address, or by the 55 11 2175-3500 (buyer) and 55 11 2175-3600 (supplier) telephone numbers.

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