ME Boost do ME usa Business Intelligence para gestão de compras B2B

The announcement of ME Boost, Mercadoe tool focused on the smart, strategic control of procurement areas in businesses, spread throughout the media. The solution, which brings Business Intelligence (BI) technology to B2B purchases, has been designed to make procurement management easier and help businesses to have better control in their negotiations.

“Our BI solution supports the analysis of predefined reports, with different supplier data; the buyer discovers answers to questions that haven’t even arisen yet. Such use of Data Discovery in corporate purchases makes all the difference when creating strategies for the area or preparing negotiations”, he added.

The tool includes also a scalable search engine, and stores huge data volumes, interpreting the whole content as charts, adapted to the needs of each user.

It’s also offered in the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, and is integral part of all modules in Mercadoe offer. All data can be accessed through the web, and it can be programmed to identify data patterns and display views, in order to enable possible action plans for the manager.

In the Source RFX and Supplier Management modules, for instance, the manager can discover that the overall purchase cost of valves in the north region is much higher, due to the small number of certified suppliers in such category, for that region.

ME Boost is a discovery solution and, as the modules are used, the manager can identify not only simple views – such as savings by procurement groups and buyers, purchase lead time, spend by category, ABC of suppliers and loss of contracts – but also some root causes, with data mixing in real time. The manager can see, for instance, that procurement lead time is associated to the lack of standardization in material description.

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