Soluções B2B Mercado Eletrônico

Mercadoe, a leader in technological solutions and B2B services in Latin America, has the mission of helping professional buyers with tools that bring savings, agility, governance and collaboration to businesses.

B2B solutions are based on usability, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and ecosystems that are integral part of the procurement process, on a platform with SaaS and PaaS options – which allows integration with any ERP. According to Forrester, 30% of corporate purchases are made on digital platforms, and it’s foreseen that such number will rise to 56% within three years. Making use of technology to drive the procurement process is a reality already.

ME solutions include the e-Procuremente-Sourcing and e-Marketplace processes. Check below a brief description of how these tools can help every company:


To revolutionize the operational flow of procurement in your company, ME offers four modules: Request, Order, Invoice and Pay. They allow you to centralize all orders in a single environment, and to have a managerial view of orders – to achieve the best procurement results, along with higher control and organization of invoices received, with all payments centralized on a single platform.

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In this solution, ME offers modules that will make procurement decisions faster and more assertive, such as: Plan, Materials & Services, Suppliers Management, Source RFX, Reverse Auction and CLM. With this solution, procurement professionals will be able to plan their demands quickly and efficiently, find standardized items according to the market’s technical standards, avoid risks and manage suppliers in a single environment, conduct their procurement processes with agility and safety, have a practical and agile auction structure – to save time and resources in negotiations –, and also manage the entire life cycle of their contracts.

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More than 1 million suppliers compose the business community on our platform. Buyers no longer need to browse multiple websites to make good deals. ME’s e-Marketplace offers features to find new suppliers and products, and compare prices in an agile and intuitive way, with access to product catalogs and discounts.

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