Customer success is key to the success of your company

The concept of Customer Success (CS) is becoming more and more popular in high-tech companies, Mercadoe included. Always concerned to ensure success to our customers in the use of their technological solutions, we have adopted CS to offer a new experience for the users of their tools and also to be aligned with customer goals.

Attracting new customers can be expensive. To reap business opportunities, we must invest in time and resources – even to pay some visits (for instance). A calculation by North American author Philip Kotler reveals that, to win over a new customer, a company must invest five to seven times more than the value to maintain such company in the base.

As a result of this fact, more companies are focusing their efforts on keeping loyal customers satisfied. A Bain & Company study shows that 5% growth in customer retention rate can increase profits by 25% to 95%. A new approach to consumer service then came in, focused on service experience and not just deliveries.

In high-tech companies, as we said, Customer Success is becoming more and more popular. Focused on consumer success in the use of a product or service, the concept goes beyond a mere bond with the customer, when creating a new consumer experience with the brand.

Teaching the use of tools, or making the customer consider your interface as user-friendly or that your solution is the market’s best is no longer enough. Now the idea is to walk alongside consumer goals. Success depends on implementation and services with a business view and not just a technology view. It’s no use teaching the use of a tool and not helping the customer to reach the end goals of his company – such as higher savings, operational cost reduction, strategy improvement and area organization, in addition to compliance.

Previously, the scope of the post-sales area was similar to that of customer support. Now it has a strategic role. At product or project delivery time starts the tracking of all stages of the customer’s life cycle, after the implementation phase.

It’s interesting to engage in proactive actions – like going to the customers and understanding all their business issues, demands and needs, and turning all that into an action plan and then delivering results that reach their goals, based on technology. Such initiatives can make a difference – not only to keep the customers satisfied, but also to encourage them to buy more from your company.