Nível máximo de satisfação

We are living in the Customer Age, and there is nothing new about it. Business success is linked to consumer satisfaction and success directly. Those businesses that don’t foresee Customer Experience and Customer Success actions will lose competitiveness in the market.

In this post, you can have insights and see what actions we, from Mercadoe, have carried out to care for the health of our customers. Are you ready? Let’s go then!

The Customer Age – Customer Experience (CX) and Customer Success (CS)

Have you already heard about Fordism? Well, it’s the symbol of a promising era, when factories could mass produce large quantities of a single product. With industrial development and the advent of 4.0 technologies, companies have evolved to the point where they can compete in the market at equal bases.

This moment forces businesses to innovate and devise strategies, in order to attract public attention. And that’s where Customer Experience and Customer Success initiatives come in.

As we already know, satisfied customers are willing to make new deals with companies, because they already know and trust the existing relationship. Then nothing would be fairer than putting them at the center of the business strategy. These actions bring several benefits, from customer retention, revenue growth and spontaneous publicizing, to the creation of brand advocates and recommendations to possible new customers.

Now that we have understood the importance of this concept, let’s see what actions we have implemented.

Mercadoe initiatives

Iniciativas PulseME e Chatbots

To succeed in these days, businesses must be adapted to the needs of each customer. Mercadoe has invested heavily in this sense, as all offered solutions can be customized according to the needs of each one.

In this way, we can deliver value to our partners. However, customer experience and success go far beyond that.

Do customers know how to reap all benefits that the solutions can offer?

Do they have any issues or don’t know how to use the solutions?

Is value being really delivered or are you just offering a differentiated product?

These questions are of great concern to those businesses that cherish the well-being of their customers. They can be a watershed to categorize users as brand promoters or detractors.

To evaluate these and several other points, we from Mercadoe created PulseME. It’s a tool with a single KPI, called Health Score.

This solution has the purpose of measuring customer health. It’s vital to analyze, learn and improve, doing a delivery follow-up to help customers in what they really need.

Another initiative applied by ME to improve the service and raise customer satisfaction level is the adoption of Chatbots. This deployment allowed us to operate in a 24×7 mode, any time of the day, with a fast and effective service.

Now the question is: do these actions really bring results?

Results in numbers

Although recent, these actions focused on customer success and experience have already shown positive results to Mercadoe.

After three months of chatbot deployment, we could see improvements in all indicators. The average waiting time for the service and the number of calls, for instance, decreased 27% and 53% respectively.

Considering that the company is growing, the service could be impacted. The improvement of such data only proves the importance of customer-focused initiatives.

The actions commented in this post have also been published in other media vehicles, such as Ti InsideIT Forum 365 and Negócios em Foco.

So, did you get some insights into initiatives that would be cool when put into practice? Do you carry out customer-focused actions too? Tell us about your experience!