Since the beginning of the years 2000, the purchasing department has been gaining a strategic status within the organizations. If before this department only followed up on contracting suppliers and supported other departments, currently, they participate actively in the innovation processes and in the change of the status quo within the organizations.

As today the impact of purchasing on the bottom line and buying has become a basic competence that brings value to the organization. This gains even more strength knowing that this department represents a spending of more than 50% of all revenue of sales.

In the purchasing universe, various particularities come into place: the complexity of the acquisition of a determined product or service and its impact on the business, the exchange of information between buyers and suppliers, the capacity and the material availability.

However, there are other important aspects for the purchasing department of your company to act in a more strategic form. This is told by Marcus Roig, commercial manager at Mercadoe, in his article Supply Chain: How the purchasing sector can perform as a strategic function?

Discover how transforming that sector can be the best alternative to generate profit and guarantee good negotiation.

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