Mercadoe developed internally an app to carry out the management of their collaborators in an individual and personalized way. The People & Management centralizes all information of each collaborator, such as resume, positions, professional aspirations and other important data. Besides facilitating all the actions of the human resource area, the app helps in the development of the collaborators career as it offers a general vision of the professional performance by compiling information.

“We have 230 collaborators and a better visibility of each of them and to promote, in proactive manner, their professional development is a priority for Mercadoe. This because our main value is the motto “People in first place”, says Adriana Oliveira the HR manager at Mercadoe. “But, centralizing all information and automatizing processes is a big challenge. Thus, we opted to develop the app People & Management in house. The HR area, alongside with the team of analysts, that specified all functionalities and created a system that attends to actual needs and also makes possible evolution with facility and rapidity”, she completes.

The development of People & Management counted on the App Builder technology from Mercadoe. It allows the creation of creating applications without the necessity of complex development. In this way, the system was ready to operate in just a week.

Besides the HR, the collaborators having access to the application – the professionals are able to maintain their information updated, keep track of the goals established in performance evaluations, update resume and professional aspirations, and, also, schedule conversations with HR to talk about the career plan and professional development. All that data allows HR to realize and accompany the collaborators closely. In this way it is possible to expedite the understanding of the expectation of each person and define actions of professional growth within the company.

“The People & Management helps us with the more basic questions, such as having an updated registration of the collaborator, until the more complex, such as mapping collaborators ready for promotions, people who wish to change areas or that have short time professional expectations. This because all collaborators have the possibility to include their aspirations and solicit a conversation with us easily”, says Adriana Oliveira. “Besides the value for HR, the important thing is that all collaborators have in mind that that platform facilitates and brings closer the contact so that all may express their necessities and feel at ease to talk to us about their career plan. This way, all are able to achieve their expectation and maintain their motivation the whole time.”

Performance Appraisals

Since February of this year, all performance evaluations are done by this application. For new collaborators, during the trial period, there is an enquiry after 30 days in the company to point out first impressions and, after 75 days, the manager carries out an evaluation to decide if the professional is apt to continue or if any extra capacitation is needed to pursue their activities.

After the trial period, every 6 months a new evaluation is carried out by the manager and a new action plan is defined with the collaborator with targets for the next period. “All the process used to take up a lot of time, paper and storage space, so it started to be totally done in the system. Operational matters where automatized and we can work in a more strategic way”, explains Adriana Oliveira. “Only the feedback given by the managers will be personal, since that moment of giving feedback about the collaborator strengths and weaknesses to be developed are of much importance for professional growth and to conquer better performance.”

The application also helps the managers to extract information about the evaluations of their team and accompany the plan of action established during the personal feedback. Although all information on the collaborator is all in one place, the tool possesses the intelligence to allow different accesses in each case.

Internal Recognition

The other recent action recently implemented by the HR of Mercadoe was the “BlueCard”. It is about an application to recognize the work and support of colleagues. Any professional can access the platform and offer a BlueCard to a co-worker that realized something with prominence. The professional accesses a tool, chooses the collaborator and wrights the motive – it is published for all of the company to access. “A lot of the times, we depend on our managers to receive public recognition. With the BlueCard, all of our managers may expose the good work carried out by other professionals of the company, making the organization more integrate and motivated”, completes Adriana Oliveira.